Anna Mihailidou was born in Athens.
In 1997 she studied drawing - caricature - comics at the School of Applied Arts.
In 2001 she enrolled at the Athens School of Fine Arts, studying painting and engraving in the School's workshop. During her studies she has been awarded for the years 2001, 2002 and 2003 with scholarship from the Greek State Scholarship Foundation and graduated with honors in 2006.
Anna Mihailidou currently lives and works in Athens

A. Mihailidou has participated in carefully selected exhibitions in Greece as well as abroad. Her works can be found in private collections.

"Embarking on this journey of my artistic course, my main concern has been the utmostly essential and deep knowledge of an academic education which included, apart from technical issues, the meaning of ‘’How’’ and not of ‘’What’’. Thus, I have never been concerned with finding a theme never known before or weird materials or impressive maniera for impression’s sake. I have simply been asking questions, investigating, searching, studying, discovering and one work led to another. Everything occurred as a natural consequence."

"The basic question of my work is the social part of politics in the sense that everything, for better or for worse, is politics: human relations, war, violence, religion… So, everything can be the cause that sparks off a painting, something I will see on the street, read in a newspaper or see on television.
However, what is really interesting and challenging is to be able to talk, through the ‘’plastic’’ language, about truly hard subjects in such a way that it comes across to the patron painlessly.
I do not believe that the interpretation of a harsh reality should have equally harsh and brutal way of painting. And this has been a bet for me, namely how I can comment on things with as few elements as possible, accurately and scathingly. Besides, the great power of the image is Known (Television, the Internet…) and it can affect entire societies, unfortunately usually negatively (e.g. in favor of consumerism or other interests). So, I believe that art can function in the same way, too, but in the sense of awakening and it can act as a catalyst in the patron’s psychological, emotional and mind world.
Art will do its ‘’magic’’ in their soul and will put across something, even if it is only on a subconscious level."

"As for my themes, I make sure that my work is such that it is not restricted to specific thematic section but that each work is a theme on its own and maintains its independence. That means that each one is unique and outlines its own truth.
I am interested in contrasts and opposing elements in my work, in playing with the image that is perceived by the creation of a sudden new element in a seemingly direct image.
As for the photorealistic element, this is one of the basic elements of my work aiming not at a bad imitation of a picture but at surpassing the photograph.
I support that ‘’less is more’’ and, finally, I believe that the best version of painting today is the one which expresses the truth of the artist and this, in any case, cannot remain hidden from a suspicious, nowadays, patron.
Finally, it is worth noting that the term ‘’political painting’’ has never been a term for the term’s sake, it simply came up. In the same way I am not interested in committed art, but I am interested in having an opinion and creating painting when I have something to say that might possibly be touching other people, too.
Lastly, I believe in the power of art and that it can penetrate the innermost depths and decisively affect people’s psychology. To make us think, to get us worried, to stimulate the mind and the emotion, to cultivate the spirit, in the end to make us better people."